[OPE-L:5380] Re: turnover time and surplus value (stock and flow)

From: charlie (charles1848@value.net)
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 15:53:27 EDT

In the numeric example in OPE-L:5373,
                c    v  sv  s/v    r
    Year 1     100  50 50  100%  33%
    Year 2     100  25 50  200%  40%
v and s must be flows over the year, since these columns are used
to calculate the s/v column. But the v column must also be a
stock, since it and the c column, also a stock, are used to
calculate the rate of profit, r = s / (c + v). Using uppercase
letters to distinguish capital stock advanced from flows of
capital over the year, the equation is r = s / (C + V).

Incidentally, turnover time can change because of changes in
production time but also because of a change in the time capital
must spend in circulation, such as the length of time that output
sits on the shelf before someone buys it.


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