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From: nicola taylor (n.taylor@student.murdoch.edu.au)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 21:36:45 EDT

Thanks Jerry, Gary and Michael for the book-links.  My own pitiful stock of
books comes mostly from the *International* in Melbourne, but it closed
years ago.  If anyone knows of good used book stores anywhere in Australia,
please tell me.

Exile down under

>   (The following post is dedicated to Claus  G)       joke from a few
>years ago:     Where do you find the Marxist when s/he  is       not at a 
>demonstration or at a political meeting?     At a used bookstore, of 
>course.     Living in New York City, a favorite pastime of  mine has been
>scrounging through dusty old  bookstores. I often had the feeling that I
>was in search  of buried treasure. When members of this list  come to NYC,
>they invariably want to go to used  book stores -- which are often unknown
>or very rare in   the area of the world that they come  from.   This is
>beginning to change, thanks to the  Internet.   To begin with, many long
>out-of-print books  are now being published on the Net and one can  
>download those books for FREE. (Of  course, if one wants "hard copy" then
>there is a cost  to   Sometimes, with  "shareware", the authors ask for a
>nominal contribution.  This has already changed the publishing industry 
>and can be expected to continue to change the  way   Instead  of going to
>university and public libraries,  scholars will increasingly be doing
>research through their  own computers and the Internet. Small publishers 
>of scholarly journals could very well be adversely  affected by these
>developments -- especially given  the cost of those journals. Yet, many
>scholarly  journals are now being   And,  of course, forums such as OPE-L,
>accessible   provide a source for  research for students and scholars that
>was   unavailable not so long ago.   Most of us, though, are still "old
>dogs" who  like    Who among  us does not have a considerable part of their
>living  space devoted to bookcases?   Here, again, the Internet is changing
>how we   do things.    One can be able to look for used books or  in-print
>books on sale at sites such as:   http://www.addall.com  
>http://www.bookfinder.com   http://www.bibliofind.com  
>http://www.booksold.com   http://www.half.com  
>http://www.barnesandnoble.com   Does anyone else have any good sites for  
>locating books which are used or  on-sale?   Of course, locating books on
>the Net isn't the     On the one hand, it is  more socially isolating than
>the social event of going  to a bookstore (this social side of book
>collecting  is well known to the booksellers themselves and  in  & shops  
>On the other  hand,  it does take less time to shop on-line,  especially
>since it eliminates transportation time to the   bookstore, and it is
>available to people  world-wide. If you look hard enough you can even find 
>some bargains. Indeed, I recently bought some books   on-line that in years
>of searching I had never  been   Bookworms of the  21st Century rejoice!  
>In solidarity, Jerry   

Nicola Mostyn (Taylor)
Faculty of Economics
Murdoch University
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