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Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 11:20:31 EDT

I've had good experiences and good service from


Gary M.

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>(The following post is dedicated to Claus G)
>A  joke from a few years ago:
>Q:  Where do you find the Marxist when s/he is
>      not at a demonstration or at a political meeting?
>A:  At a used bookstore, of course.
>Living in New York City, a favorite pastime of mine
>has been scrounging through dusty old bookstores.
>I often had the feeling that I was in search of
>buried treasure. When members of this list come
>to NYC, they invariably want to go to used book
>stores -- which are often unknown or very rare in
>the area of the world that they come from.
>This is beginning to change, thanks to the Internet.
>To begin with, many long out-of-print books are
>now being published on the Net and one can
>download those books for FREE. (Of course,
>if one wants "hard copy" then there is a cost to
>print the book).  Sometimes, with "shareware",
>the authors ask for a nominal contribution. This
>has already changed the publishing industry and
>can be expected to continue to change the way
>in which scholars conduct research.  Instead of
>going to university and public libraries, scholars
>will increasingly be doing research through their
>own computers and the Internet. Small publishers
>of scholarly journals could very well be adversely
>affected by these developments -- especially given
>the cost of those journals. Yet, many scholarly
>journals are now being published on-line.  And,
>of course, forums such as OPE-L, accessible
>through our WWW archives,  provide a source for
>research for students and scholars that was
>unavailable not so long ago.
>Most of us, though, are still "old dogs" who like
>to collect (old-style) books.  Who among us does
>not have a considerable part of their living space
>devoted to bookcases?
>Here, again, the Internet is changing how we
>do things.
>One can be able to look for used books or in-print
>books on sale at sites such as:
>Does anyone else have any good sites for
>locating books which are used or on-sale?
>Of course, locating books on the Net isn't the
>same thing, is it?  On the one hand, it is more
>socially isolating than the social event of going to
>a bookstore (this social side of book collecting is
>well known to the booksellers themselves and in
>the US at B&N there are often coffee shops
>attached to the bookstore).  On the other hand,
>it does take less time to shop on-line, especially
>since it eliminates transportation time to the
>bookstore, and it is available to people world-wide.
>If you look hard enough you can even find some
>bargains. Indeed, I recently bought some books
>on-line that in years of searching I had never been
>able to locate before.  Bookworms of the 21st
>Century rejoice!
>In solidarity, Jerry

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