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Dear colleagues,

This is to announce the publication of a new book

AS TIME GOES BY - From the Industrial Revolutions to the Information

by Chris Freeman and Francisco Louca
Oxford University Press, 2001

The book (405 pages) includes two main parts: (1) History and Economics (a
discussion of evolutionary perspectives on economic history, and a critique
of cliometrics); (2) The sucessive industrial revolutions (a detailed
research on the major mutations in contemporary economic history).

Words of presentation:

David Landes
    ...a true story has to make sense, to be plausible and persuasive.
Cleverness is less useful than sense and sensibility. The inability to see
this, to avoid showing off, has been the death of more than one pyrotechnic
schema. This book is testemony to knowledge and good sense. Such virtues are
rare and that much more valuable.

Richard Nelson
    Tha authors intend this "reasoned history" as a theory of economic
growth, and certainly their description and analysis sheds light on
phenomena of central importance to the economic growth we have experienced
that more standard economic growth does not even see. Readers of this book
have a fascinating adventure in store for them.

Eric Hobsbawm
    This major contribution to economic history is the most impressive and
convincing attempt I know to apply the concept of "long waves", a basic
rhythm of historical development in the era of capitalism, to the entire
stretch from eighteenth-century Lancashire to twenty-first-century Sillicon
Valley. It is also a call for economic history to escape from the handcuffs
of narrow retorspective econometrics to the freedom of its vocation:
understanding and explaining secular historical transformation.

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