[OPE-L:5264] 's' is for surplus value (not surplus product)

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 17:17:42 EST

Re Gil's [5262]:

> I agree that surplus labor must be expended.
> That's what Marx means by
> "valorization".  But he never insists that the
> extraction of surplus labor
> has to be based on the "employment of wage-
> labor by capital" *as a matter
> of definition*.  *You* added that. I'd be
> interesting in knowing where you
> get the impression that he says otherwise.

I didn't write that the extraction of *surplus labor*
has to be based on the employment of wage-labor
by capital. I indicated that the production of
*surplus VALUE* is  based on the exploitation of
wage-labor by capital.  This follows necessarily from Marx's definitions of
and unproductive labour since, by my reading,
a requirement for labour to be productive of surplus-value is that it takes
the form of
wage-labor employed by capital. This also
is a consequence of the double meaning of
"free labour."

I also note that while you picked-up on my
inclusion of surplus labor time you didn't
also note the presence of unpaid labor time.
Unpaid labor time requires the presence of
paid labor time and the category of  *labor
power as a commodity* for its comprehension.

*Of course*, there is the extraction of surplus
labor time ... in ALL class societies. Thus,
the extraction of surplus labor was a necessary
part of feudal and slave societies. This doesn't
mean, though, that the surplus product takes the
(specific social) FORM of surplus VALUE in
non-capitalist modes of production.

> Then what do you make of statements like this
> one by Marx (of which there
> are multiple examples):
> "In India, for example, the capital of the usurer
> advances raw materials or
> tools or even both the immediate producer in the > form of money.  The
> exorbitant interest which it attracts, the interest
> which, irrespective of
> its magnitude, it extorts from the primary
> producer, is just another name
> for surplus-value." [Resultate, P. 1023 in Penguin edition of Capital,
> Volume I]

I would highlight the word "attracts"  in the quote

In solidarity, Jerry

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