[OPE-L:5204] Re: Re: Re: Re: causes of changes in prices of production

From: Rakesh Narpat Bhandari (rakeshb@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 03:48:56 EST

re 5161

>Rakesh and others,
>I wonder if the essential threads referred to here as well as other crucial
>interventions presupposed for the topic could be identified once by number
>or at least month and year?

Hi Howard,

In his OPE 4018 on 10/8/2000, Allin provided an iterative solution to 
the Bortkiewicz/Sweezy transformation equations; I argued in 4379 on 
10/31/2000 and 4400 on 11/1/2000 and then 4404 and 4406 that Allin 
had chosen the wrong invariance condition  and that it's possible to 
maintain both equalities while maintaining only one invariance 
condition (the crux of my argument is that the sum of surplus value 
should not be expected to remain invariant in the transformation 
since that would imply an adding up theory of price--parts of this 
argument were reiterated in this month's 5127 and 5159 in which I 
argued that a modification of the sum of surplus value in the 
transformation does no damage to the thesis that live labor is the 
sole source of surplus value).

In OPE 5982 on 2/19/01, Allin provided an illuminating discussion of 
the implications of Marx's argument that there are two reasons why 
the value of a commodity differs from its price of production. He 
clearly lays out why this poses a problem for the interpretation of 
constant capital advanced by Alejandro and Fred. Allin had initially 
advanced these points five years ago.

For Fred's and Alejandro's important views, it would probably be best 
to read their recently published work. Fred has a piece in the (I 
believe) penultimate Review of Radical Political Economy and 
Alejandro has a piece in International Journal of Political Economy 
Winter 1998-99, vol 28, no 4.

All the best, Rakesh

ps I looked up your fascinating analysis of Pashukanis in Rethinking 
Marxism (vol 5, no1, Spring 1992); it would be to our great advantage 
if you and Chris Arthur were to discuss your critique on this list. I 
am happy that you have joined this discussion, and look forward to 
learning from you.

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