[OPE-L:5188] An Introduction to Marx's 'Capital' out of India

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@acsu.buffalo.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 14:19:49 EST


Below is a major new (1999) introduction to Marx's political economy,
coming out of Hyderabad, India.  The writing style is very much intended
to be written for WORKERS and, from what I have read, is indeed very
clear.  Below are the tables of contents for the three volumes.  The
pricing of $35 for all three volumes cannot be beat (and they are
well-done hardbacks), including air mail shipping.

Paul Zarembka

Paul Zarembka, editor, RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY at 
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An Introduction to Marx's  'Capital'
(in 3 volumes)
by Ranganayakamma

Volume 1: Hardbound.  pp. 640. $  10.
Volume 2: Hardbound. pp. 760.  $. 15.
Volume 3: Hardbound. pp. 572.  $. 10.

For copies/further information: SWEET HOME PUBLICATIONS, 1-95/1 Guttala 
Begampeta, Jubilee Hills post, Hyderabad-500 033 (India). E-mail: 
sveethome@hotmail.com or nranganayakamma@hotmail.com

Note: Postage free. Send money order or cashier's cheque or any other 
convenient bank instrument for $ 35 payable at Hyderabad (India) in favour
 of  'Sweet Home Publications'. We will send books by Registered Air Mail.


Contents of volume 1 :
Part 1: Commodities and Money:  A Note of Publication. Translator's Note. 
Preface: On Marx's 'Capital'. On Marx's Life. On this 'introduction' to 
'Capital'. General Introduction: Nature and Society.
Chapters: (1)  Two Aspects of Commodity. (2) Two Aspects of Labour that 
Produces a Commodity. (3) Form of value. (4) Elementary form of value. (5)
 Expanded form of value. (6) General form of value. (7) Development of the
 'Relative' and 'Equivalent' aspects of the form of value. (8) Money form.
 (9) Fetishism of commodities. (10) Circulation of commodities

Part 2: Process of Capitalist Production: (1) Profit. (2) The value of 
'labour power'. (3) Labour process (Process of Production).  (4) Constant 
capital and Variable capital; Fixed capital and Circulating capital. (5)  
Rate of surplus value (Degree of exloitation). (6) Looking at the 'value 
portions' of the commodity in terms of the 'portions of commodity'. (7) 
Working day.   Index.

Contents of volume 2:
Part 1: Process of Capitalist Reproduction:  (1) Capitalist Mode of 
Production and its forms. (2) Manufacture.(3)  Machinery and Large-scale 
industry. (4) Capital subjugates labour. (5) Productive and Unproductive 
labour. (6) Expansion of Capital.
Part 2: Process of Capitalist Circulation:  (1) Costs of Circulation. (2) 
Capitalist price.  Index

Contents of volume 3:
Part 1: Process of Capitalist Distribution: Some issues once again. (1) 
Merchant's Capital . (2) Interest-bearing Capital or Money Capital (3) 
Land-Rent. (4) Imperialism. (5) Crises. (6) Classes.    Marx's Questions
to  Workers.

Part 2: Towards Classless Society: (1) The 'New' Society. (2) Marxism: Not
 only 'Economics', but also 'Philosophy'. (3) Proletariat with 'Muck of
all  Ages'.  (4) Some Issues.  (5) An Imaginary Picture.  (6) Have you
become a  Marxist?  Appendix: Chapters in Marx's 'Capital'.  Index.

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