[OPE-L:5181] Re: Re: Re: Re: was Marx an economist?

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 22:23:50 EST

Re Nicky's [5180]:

> Hello all, there follows a correction/explanation re
> my previous post on this topic (thanks to Jerry
> for  pointing out the error):
> > > (snip, JL)
> > > In the *Results* Marx (1976a, [Penguin/
> > Vintage ed. of Volume 1, JL]
> >  p.1056; cited Arthur,
> > > C&C, 73, p.26) writes very clearly his views > > > on  the
productivity of  capital:
> > > "Thus capital is productive:
> > What is written is, rather, that:
> > "Thus capital appears *productive*:"
<snip, JL>
> In the quote cited, Chris (C&C, 73, pp.32-3)
> makes an
> amendment in square parenthesis: 'Thus capital
> [is]  productive' justified because he has stated:
<snip. JL>
> Once again, appologies for the error (btw, all the
> quotes from Marx, above, are taken from Arthur, C&C,
> 73).

Nicky: I don't have a copy of the _C&C_ article
in front of me and I am confused by your answer.
In the article where there was the quote from
Marx that was taken from the Penguin/Vintage ed.
of Volume 1, was there a mistake?  I.e. did the article have Marx stating
a) "Thus capital is productive" ?; or
b) "Thus capital [is] productive"?; or
c) "Thus capital appears *productive*"?
[Only c) is an accurate citation from the Penguin
edition. Emphasis in c)  is in original.]

In solidarity, Jerry

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