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> Jerry,
> As I'm sure you recall, my book on Marx's wage theory was debated on the
> list not so long ago, in the course of which Michael Lebowitz accused me
> "scholarly dishonesty."  The basis for this accusation was that I did not
> cite in my book his 1993 critique of my 1992 translation and paper on
> Henryk Grossmann (both of which appeared in Science & Society).
> In my defense I noted that I had cited his book Beyond Capital, and that I
> did not believe his article added anything significant to the discussion.
> It was left to others to decide whether or not my claim had merit.
> Lebowitz in turn submitted to the list a copy of his critique.
> As I stated at the time, Lebowitz's accusation was completely unfounded,
> and I gave my reasons for that.  Now however I am able to submit to the
> list solid evidence in support of my position.  I have prepared a rebuttal
> to Lebowitz's 1993 critique that unequivocally shows that his arguments
> unfounded and that his personal accusations against me utterly false.
> Into the text of his critique I have interpolated my own comments that
> refute many of his allegations.  My comments are clearly marked and set
> from the original text.  I am attaching this document to this letter as a
> generic text file, and request that both be posted for everyone to
> evaluate.  My "Reply to Michael A. Lebowitz" was prepared in WordPerfect
> 5.1, and some of the formatting will be more evident printed out than on
> screen.  Should any difficulties arise I am of course available to assist.
> Lebowitz declared that he wanted his charge of dishonesty placed "in the
> record."  I ask that my response be accorded the same status.
> Thank you very much.
> Kenneth Lapides
> lapides@sedona.net

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