[OPE-L:5091] Re: Ta-Ta

From: Gil Skillman (gskillman@mail.wesleyan.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 18:49:51 EST

Two related requests: First, I join Michael W. in asking that the
Jerry/Andrew exchange go off line (if this isn't already moot).  This is in
*no way* to take sides; my concern is that there is no way for this dispute
to be effectively mediated in this forum, in which case it can't serve any
purpose to carry it on here.  Perhaps there is some other way this dispute
can be mediated, if it is not simply dropped.

Second.  I encourage Andrew not to unsubscribe from OPE-L.  I think it is
particularly important for those of us who have found ourselves disagreeing
with Andrew, even strenuously, to join together in urging this.  The
functions of this list are best served by having different viewpoints
represented, however frustrating that might be in the short term.  Would
someone please forward this message to Andrew if he's already signed off.
Jerry, I trust this is agreeable to you.  

Finally, an affirmation.  Whoever the source, threats and intimations of
threats have no place in our interactions.


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