[OPE-L:5090] RE: RE: empirical evidence regaring the "suppression" of the TSS perspective

From: Michael Williams (mike.williams@dmu.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 05:03:16 EST

Can I request that this exchange go off-list?
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  In reply to OPE-L 5079.

  Jerry  wrote:  "Andrew Kliman has claimed that I, and by inference OPE-L,
have attempted to "suppress" TSS and his perspectives."

  Oh, really?  Where?  I respectfully call on Jerry to produce evidence for
this charge, or retract it.  Also note that the speaker/writer implies,
while the listener/reader infers.  If Jerry meant that I was, by
implication, making a claim against OPE-L, I respectfully call on him to
prove that this is implied by (i.e., necessarily follows from) something I
said/wrote, or retract it.

  My latest charge against Jerry, BTW, has nothing to do with suppression.
It has to do with his personal vilification of me:  "Kliman commented that
Levy's demands were part of an 'ongoing campaign of personal vilification,
undertaken in order to discredit the IWGVT's struggle for pluralism in value
theory,' especially the right of Marx's value theory to contend as an
alternative to the theories of other Marxists. 'But Levy's far from alone in
plying these ad hominem attacks' ...."

  Anticipating Jerry's next move, I will say that I will be willing to
retract my charge of personal vilification if he can show that

  (a)  he treated Duncan Foley and me equally during the period in which
both Duncan and I were employing the v = 0 assumption;

  (b) he didn't present himself to my wife as a friend of mine in order to
start a conversation with her and then publicize to this list, out of
context and without her permission, a statement she made during that private
conversation, in order to make me look bad and (without success, thank god)
to try to create dissension between us;

  (c) he didn't write that I engaged in a "diatribe" against Fred's use of a
"levels of abstraction" dodge while later, when called on this, admitting
that it was not a diatribe; and

  (d) he has not tried to ridicule my concern for empirical evidence.

  Jerry wrote:  "In solidarity"

  With whom?

  Andrew ("Drewk") Kliman
  Dept. of Social Sciences
  Pace University
  Pleasantville, NY 10570 USA
  phone:  (914) 773-3968
  fax:  (914) 773-3951

  Home:  60 W. 76th St. #4E
  New York, NY 10023 USA

  "The practice of philosophy is itself theoretical.  It is the critique
that measures the individual existence by the essence, the particular
reality by the Idea.

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