[OPE-L:5088] Re: RE: RE: empirical evidence regaring the 'suppression' of the TSS perspective

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 04:47:26 EST

Re 5087:

> I once again respectfully call on him to produce evidence
>  for it, or
> retract it.

Your charges about "personal vilification" et al. are in NO WAY "respectful".  Nor, imo, have you "respectfully" called on me to do anything lately. 

I am pleased to hear that any claim that OPE-L has been part of a "suppression" of the TSSI is manifestly false. Since Kliman says that he does not claim it, that is good.

Kliman has made no efort to put forward ANY evidence for his claim about MOTIVATION. It is an allegation that is unsupported by ANY empirical evidence. Bring forth the evidence re motivation or retract it.

One would also tend to think that if there is a "campaign" that involves "ad hominem" attacks he should be able to produce many examples to demonstate a pattern. Yet, the evidence is not to be found in the archives -- because what Kliman takes to be "ad hominem" attacks are in fact political and/or theoretical criticisms.

In solidarity, Jerry

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