[OPE-L:5079] empirical evidence regaring the "suppression" of the TSS perspective

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 11:51:27 EST

Andrew Kliman has claimed that I, and by inference OPE-L,
have attempted to "suppress" TSS and his perspectives. 

I intend to subject that claim to testing by logical and empirical evidence. And, should he choose to reply, I
INSIST that Kliman answer the following question: "Under what conditions would you be willing to concede that your interpretation [about "suppression" that I was allegedly engaged in] is incorrect, i.e. contradicted by the empirical evidence?"

The Empirical evidence about "suppression":

1) who is on the list?

    By my count, the following listmembers share TSS perspectives:

    * John Ernst
    * Alan Freeman
    * Paolo Giussani
    * Andrew Kliman
    * Eduardo Maldonodo-Filho
    * Ted McGlone
    * Alejandro Ramos
    * [Mino Carchedi -- former listmember]

 Test: calculate the above as a percentage of those  internationally who have written from a TSS perspective.  Then calculate the above as a percentage of OPE-L.  Is there anyone, anywhere who could conclude that there has been "suppression"  against TSS regarding who is on OPE-L? Is there any other theoretical perspective internationally which is _more_ represented on OPE-L?

2) What can be discussed?

Is there any empirical evidence whatsoever that I have acted to "suppress" the spreading of TSS perspectives on list? Is there any empirical evidence whatsoever that I have discouraged those who share a TSS perspective from making their perspectives known on list?

The clear and unambiguous answer to these questions: "No, there is no evidence whatsoever".

3) What has been discussed?

Test: go to the archives and count the number of posts -- going back to September, 1995 and continuing to the present. Calculate the number of threads of concern, or directly about, TSS. Has there been any other perspective that has been more widely and repeatedly discussed on OPE-L?   Has there been any other forum internationally where there has been more communication about TSS?

The suggestion that I have "suppressed" the TSS perspective has NO basis in fact. It can not be supported by the empirical record. And it is an *INSULT* to the entire list -- especially all of those listmembers who don't share a TSS perspective  but who have nonetheless expended a considerable amount of intellectual energy and time communicating about TSS perspectives.

Andrew Kliman's absurd accusations must therefore be rejected.

I, and the list, await his apology.

In solidarity, Jerry

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