From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 11:07:45 EST

(for technical reasons having to do with msn I won't be able to include AK's post below, although, I will include brief quotes).

Re Andrew Kliman's [OPE-L:5076]:

The IWGVT did not "rebuff" demands that Andrew Kliman be denounced for his threatening behavior. Rather, for reasons explained below (and though my initiative) there was no proposal on the floor that they should act.

On Saturday, I met with Alan Freeman to explain what had happened the night before. Out of respect for Alan, I decided on Sunday not to press the demands that both Alan and the conference take action by denouncing Kliman's threatening behavior.

At the roundtable, I decided not to raise the issue for the above reason. When Kliman raised the issue, I explained what happened.  I also decided instead to ask Kliman for a clear statement in which he recognized that his threatening behavior was inappropriate, that he apologize to me and the conference, and that he promise that there would be no future incidents of this kind.  I did this in order to give him "an out" that would allow us (both the IWGVT and OPE-L) to move forward in a comradely manner. To his everlasting discredit and shame, he did not apologize for his outrageous behavior.

Kliman says that it was a victory for freedom of expression and pluralism that the conference took no official action, one way or the another (certainly there was no "rebuff" contrary to Kliman's claim) on this matter. 

It is only a "victory" if one thinks that at the IWGVT Marxists should be able to threaten other Marxists with impunity! Id does not bode well for next year's meetings in Boston.

Kliman's charge that this is part of an "ongoing campaign of personal vilification" and "ad hominem" attacks by me against him is absurd. It is SO absurd that it casts considerable doubt over *all* of his claims regarding the "suppression" of the TSS perspective by others.

There is also great irony in Kliman's statement:
First, he threatens me!
Next, he calls me the enemy!
Then, he accuses me of a "campaign of personal vilification" and attempts to suppress *his* perspectives !!!

At the end of his message, Kliman mentions some others who were in attendance.  Does anyone else besides Kliman who attended the conference share his perspective that I attempted to "suppress" his perspective?  Is there anyone, anywhere besides Kliman who attended the conference who thinks that an apology from Kliman is not desirable?
Is there anyone besides Andrew who attended the roundtable who believes that the conference issued a "rebuff" to my claims about being threatened?

Andrew Kliman has been attempting to bully and intimidate me into silence.  Such tactics may work with some people --- it won't work with me. 

A stronger response to Kliman is what he deserves, but I choose not to make it at this time.

In solidarity, Jerry

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