[OPE-L:5057] Re: RE: The RRPE Controversy

From: Patrick L. Mason (pmason@garnet.acns.fsu.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 22:06:23 EST

Fellow OPE-Lers:

To paragraph Gil Scott-Heron, I'd said I wouldn't bother to engage in any 
more discussions like this. I made a mistake.

I was a referee was for RRPE for 9 years, from 1991 - 2000. During that 
time I refereed many papers related to one dimension or another of value 
theory. I refereed papers from every conceivable Marxian, radical, 
progressive, Sraffian, or other perspective. Never, not once, did I or 
anyone who also refereed the same paper that I was assigned to engage in 
either an individual or concerted effort to suppress or otherwise limit any 
author's access to the pages of the RRPE.

The charge of suppression lacks merit.

I am no longer an editor of the RRPE. So, I do not speak for the journal, 
its editors, or its steering committee. Rather, I speak as one who thinks 
that the journal remains an invaluable voice for those carrying out 
heterodox research. I strongly encourage every member on this list to 
totally disregard any accusation that the RRPE has sought to suppress the 
work of any individual or the perspective of any group of Marxian economists.

Honor and integrity demands that anyone who makes a public claim of having 
suppress to present prima facie evidence that such suppression may actually 
have taken place. If no prima facie evidence is forthcoming, charges of 
political suppression should cease.

Nevertheless, for those who believe the false attack on the integrity, 
honor, good name and character of unnamed and often un-thanked board of 
editors at the RRPE, there is a very simple solution - present your work to 
one of the very many alternative journals that are available. Science and 
Society, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Review of Political Economy, and a 
host of other competing but comradely journals are available. If one feels 
that one cannot publish in the RRPE, then simply submit one's work to 
another journal.

Anybody can charge anyone with anything at anytime they wish.

Thanks be to the God, the right to be heard doesn't carry an obligation to 
be taken seriously.

Peace, Patrick L. Mason

At 08:37 AM 2/23/01 -0500, you wrote:
>In OPE-L 5035, Jerry issued the following challenge:
>"Andrew K and anyone else who makes the charge that their
>work has been "suppressed" by the _RRPE_ or any other group
>will be expected to either furnish *proof*  or offer apologies
>to all concerned.
>In OPE-L 5046, he wrote:
>"Andrew has not offered "proof". ... I would have to ... hear a
>counter-explanation from the _RRPE_ before coming to any
>Since I cannot force the RRPE to provide a counter-explanation, it
>would seem that I cannot prove my case.  Does that make sense to
>What I suggest, Jerry, is that we conduct an investigation, using
>this list to do so.  Invite the RRPE -- some of its editorial
>board members are already on this list, including I (if they
>haven't expelled me without my knowledge) -- to answer the charges
>of suppression.  If they refuse to answer, then (to use your court
>analogy) we should assume that they don't have an answer.  In
>either case, the decision will be rendered on the basis of the
>evidence that was presented.
>How about it?  I think it would make a wonderful group project for
>OPE-L, much along the lines of what you tried to have awhile back.
>It would really bring people together.  Whatever our theoretical
>and other differences, we all want to stamp out suppression,
>right?  So I think this idea has real potential.
>BTW, Jerry, your analogy to the courts is wrong.  What the law
>states is utterly clear, as are the written standards of evidence.
>All that is analogous to my request that you provide criteria of
>proof ahead of time.  (What is not clear about the law is how it
>should be interpreted and applied, and whether it is internally
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