[OPE-L:5053] RE: The RRPE Controversy

From: Drewk (Andrew_Kliman@msn.com)
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 08:37:07 EST

In OPE-L 5035, Jerry issued the following challenge:

"Andrew K and anyone else who makes the charge that their
work has been "suppressed" by the _RRPE_ or any other group
will be expected to either furnish *proof*  or offer apologies
to all concerned.

In OPE-L 5046, he wrote:

"Andrew has not offered "proof". ... I would have to ... hear a
counter-explanation from the _RRPE_ before coming to any

Since I cannot force the RRPE to provide a counter-explanation, it
would seem that I cannot prove my case.  Does that make sense to

What I suggest, Jerry, is that we conduct an investigation, using
this list to do so.  Invite the RRPE -- some of its editorial
board members are already on this list, including I (if they
haven't expelled me without my knowledge) -- to answer the charges
of suppression.  If they refuse to answer, then (to use your court
analogy) we should assume that they don't have an answer.  In
either case, the decision will be rendered on the basis of the
evidence that was presented.

How about it?  I think it would make a wonderful group project for
OPE-L, much along the lines of what you tried to have awhile back.
It would really bring people together.  Whatever our theoretical
and other differences, we all want to stamp out suppression,
right?  So I think this idea has real potential.


BTW, Jerry, your analogy to the courts is wrong.  What the law
states is utterly clear, as are the written standards of evidence.
All that is analogous to my request that you provide criteria of
proof ahead of time.  (What is not clear about the law is how it
should be interpreted and applied, and whether it is internally

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