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Please retract the false charge you made yesterday, Jerry.  Then
we'll talk.

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Re Andrew K's [OPE-L:4998]:

 > I.  Assume a two-sector economy.  Sector f produces > food by
means  of
food and living labor; sector y
> produces yachts, a luxury good,
> by means of food and living labor.  Workers'
> consumption consists
> of food.  There is no fixed capital (for simplicity).
<snip, JL>
> .  Technical change in yacht
> production has no effect on its magnitude.  Q.E.D.

I could very well have missed it, but I didn't see the equations
technical change in your model (or "illustration"  ... or
example".  Pick whatever term you prefer).  What is the nature of
technical change that occurs in your 2-sector circulating

btw, as someone who likes to sail, I was somewhat tickled by the
that food is the only means of production used to produce yachts.
I don't
think that boat will  float (but that is another story that I
would agree is
irrelevant for the purposes of this discussion).

In solidarity, Jerry

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