[OPE-L:4996] Re: Comments on 3 Recent Debates

From: John Ernst (ernst@pipeline.com)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 10:20:16 EST

In reference to Allin's 4982,   Jerry wrote:

"I also am doubtful about the applicability of using the multiplier analogy
re TSSI interpretations since at least one well-known TSSI advocate has
explicitly written about "The Fallacy of the Multiplier" (see Mino Carchedi
_Frontiers of Political Economy_, pp. 210-211). I also don't think that the
multiplier interfaces too well with the conservation of value principle
which seems to be accepted by TSSI advocates."

To me, at least,  Allin's comments had little to do with the "multiplier" as 
a concept but rather pointed out that processes take time and may not work
themselves out in what can be called "a period."  Hence, dealing with the 
concept of the multiplier in this context is, at best, strange.

Note that Fred's emphasis on Marx's 2 causes for changes in prices of
in discussing Andrew's efforts on the transformation procedure is seen by
most as 
Allin does.  In other words, the matter is no big deal.  In tennis terms,  it 
appears as a net ball to me.


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