[OPE-L:4985] Re: RE: Reply to Andrew on "Proof"

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 02:00:08 EST

Re [OPE-L:4984]:

> Jerry keeps asserting without the least *proof* that
> there is no  possible interpretation of that passage other > than Fred's.

The quotation the so clear and unambivalent that the
proof is the quotation itself.

It is as if there is a debate between B & C over what A wrote about what can
cause a change in X.  Then C brings forward an  unambiguous statement from A
about what, in A's words, can  "clearly" and "only"  cause a change in X
Then the ONLY possible challenge left for B re interpreting the quotation is
to challenge whether A did in fact make this statement or whether it
constituted something like a "typo".  In the present case, no one would make
such a preposterous claim about a "typo" or a "mistranslation", etc..

Again I emphasize that this is a textual debate. The proof  is in Marx's own
words. We are very lucky here to have such a clear and unambiguous
statement -- it is rare indeed for these type of debates.

As for calls elsewhere that I make a retraction, I just see that as part of
a continuing effort to steer the discussion away from the obvious conclusion
about what the smoking gun represents to the TM/AK interpretation of the
transformation. Others I believe, including RB, see the evasion.

To be fair to the TSSI, I think that   interpretation is *much more* than
just a particular interpretation of the transformation. Hence, any
conclusions that are drawn from this debate can not be automatically applied
to other issues addressed by the TSSI.

In solidarity, Jerry

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