[OPE-L:4934] RE: rent and the workingclass

From: Drewk (Andrew_Kliman@msn.com)
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 01:27:21 EST

In reply to OPE-L 4925:

Fred wrote:  "P.S.  Rakesh, thank you very much for your
articulation of my
interpretation in response to Andrew in several posts this week.
You are
correct.  With his corn-corn model in terms of physical
quantities, Andrew
is asking me to determine prices of production with a method that
I have
explicitly and vehemently rejected."

This is quite false.  I did NOT, did NOT, ask you to determine
prices of production by means of physical quantities.  I gave you
some physical data in order to model a rise in productivity.  I
asked you to come up with the production prices, but I did NOT,
did NOT say that you needed to use the rising productivity data to
do so.  Use them, don't use them, I don't care.  Do whatever you
need to do.  Make whatever additional assumptions you want to or
need to make.  Just come up with some production prices -- some
NUMBERS.  Hic Rhodus.  Hic Salta.

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