[OPE-L:4923] Re: Re: Re: Re: faux frais, armaments, and security guardservices

From: rakeshb (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 18:52:20 EST

Paul B writes:

Rakesh, you art not denying that profits are made by the armaments capitalist,  
ie that surplus value is extorted from their employees. Why then are these 
workers not productive of capital? 

>     But this argument then denies that the armaments capitalist extorts 
surplus value ( profits) from the workers. So you contradict yourself. How can 
the State spending both realise profit as you state 'So a debt has been 
incurred equal to the sum of costs + profits in the arm mfg's sale to the 
government', but at the same time NOT produce SV ?

Paul B,

But profit and surplus value are not the same. The commercial and banking 
capitalists make the former without the producing the latter, yet the private 
property of these capitalists does serve them as capital.  The question then 
is whether  purchases by the state represent a similar kind of deduction from 
surplus value. 


>     In your quote Mattick is not saying what you say. nb where I have 
highlighted the text which is consistent with what I have said

Highlights did not come through.

Yours, Rakesh 

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