[OPE-L:4902] RE: Copernicus: not just a 'scientific revolution'

From: Drewk (Andrew_Kliman@msn.com)
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 14:08:02 EST

Beautiful quote from Clavius in your OPE-L 4896, Alan:

"But in fact many absurdities and errors are
contained in the Copernican position – as that the earth is not at
centre of the firmament and is moved by a threefold motion (which
I can
hardly understand, because according to philosophers one simple
body ought
to have one motion) and moreover that the sun stands at the centre
of the
world and lacks any motion. All of which conflicts with the common
of philosophers and astronomers and also seem to contradict what
Scriptures teach." (From Clavius’ commentary on Sacrobosco’s
Sphaera, cited
in Lattis (1994:249))

Sounds just like some of our friends.

Of course, I also love the quote from Kuhn about the Ptolemaists
having "defined" the earth as having a fixed position (just like
physicalists/simultaneists "define" the profit rate on the basis
of fixed prices), but I knew that one already.

What you say about suppression and the struggle against it is very
good.  Forceful and profound.  Bravo!

The critique of Fred's non-response to your demonstration is also
dead-on right.

Any thoughts as to what I should talk about?

Andrew Kliman

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