[OPE-L:4868] Re: Re: The TSSI vs. Physicalism

From: John Ernst (ernst@pipeline.com)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 12:25:42 EST

I'd like the paper as well.   Seems like all attached to 
OPE are unreadable


At 08:40 AM 02/09/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Julian has informed me that the paper I sent as an attached Word
>97 file, in OPE-L 4853, was corrupted.  Thanks for letting me
>know, Julian!
>BTW, the file I sent to OPE-L is fine.  (I saved the message I
>sent, and just opened the file from that message.  No problem.)
>But the one I received back is corrupted, too.
>I have sent the paper again to Julian, Rieu, and Jerry.  I will be
>happy to send it to anyone else who asks.  Don't want to try the
>OPE-L route again.
>Here is the paper again.
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>critique that measures the individual existence by the essence,
>the particular reality by the Idea."
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>It seems to me that what Jerry's (and Rieu's) recent posts on this
>topic (e.g., OPE-L 4850) are trying to get at is something like
>this:  how does Marx's value theory, as understood by its temporal
>single-system interpretation, contribute to an understanding of
>actual events in today's economy?
>I am attaching (as a Word 97 file) a paper of mine, written two
>years ago, "Debt, Economic Crisis, and the Tendential Fall in the
>Profit Rate:  A temporal perspective," that addresses this matter.
>(It has been published in Portuguese and will be published in
>Spanish, so versions in those languages are also available.)
>Andrew Kliman

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