[OPE-L:4852] the new value theory

From: Jerry Levy (jerry_levy@usa.net)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 19:57:03 EST

Andrew K wrote in [OPE-L:4861] wrote:

Jerry, what you say in OPE-L 4848 is wrong.
"[T]he pairing of TSS to a "Copernican revolution" was suggested
by Alan F and Andrew K themselves in both the title and content of
the announcement for their talk."
There is no pairing.  The announcement doesn't even mention the

Andrew is right in the sense that "TSS" and "TSSI" were not explicitly
mentioned in the announcement.

The title suggested a pairing between a "Copernican Revolution" and Marxian
value theory.

I will grant you that the title was asked in the form of a *question* and it
is therefore at least formally possible that Andrew and/or Alan could decide
to answer that question in the form of a negative. (A wise choice, imho).

In re-reading the announcement, I noticed that there was the claim that "the
NEW VALUE THEORY offers an account of today's global economy ...." (emphasis
added, JL).

What is "the new value theory" ???

As we all know, and as Ale R reminded us yesterday, TSSI is an interpretation
of Marx (hence the "I"). 

So, the TSSI *can't* be the "new value theory".

Just as clearly, Marx's theory of value can't reasonably be described as being
a "new value theory".

So what is the "new value theory"?

In sol

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