[OPE-L:4848] Re: Is TSS a Copernican revolution?

From: Jerry Levy (jerry_levy@usa.net)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 08:15:44 EST

Alejandro R wrote in [OPE-L:4847:

> >The TSS perspective is not, as Andrew and other TSS advocates have
> >repeatedly told us, a new social theory.
>   I really cannot recall anything written by a TSSer arguing that TSS 
> is a "new social theory". Can you quote some published piece saying 
> that?

You completely mis-read and mis-understood my sentence (see above). It must
have been due to confusion over the sentence construction.

> On the contrary, it's been always stressed that TSS is indeed an
> *intepretation of Marx's value theory", as Fred's or Duncan's or the
> standard physicalist versions are.

This was *precisely* my point. What I wanted to do, though, was to contrast
that claim to the "Copernican revolution" assertion.

> In any case, I find the pairing of the TSS effort to a "Copernican
> Revolution" misleading because people tends to get only this by side
> aspect, then distorting the real issues.

Side aspect? The "COPERNICAN REVOLUTION"  is in the TITLE (all in capital
letters) for their talk.

I agree that it is misleading. Yet, the source of this does not come from
anti-TSSers or TSS sceptics. Rather, the pairing of TSS to a "Copernican
revolution" was suggested by Alan F and Andrew K themselves in both the title
and content of the announcement for their talk. One, therefore, must conclude
that for them (Alan and Andrew) it is not merely a "side aspect" for what they
are claiming re the significance of TSS.

> It is NOT a "revolution in Marxian value theory", as you write here, 
> but  another perspective in the interpretation of Marx's value theory.

Who was it that asserted that TSS represents a Copernican revolution in
Marxian value theory? It was not I -- rather, this was Alan's and Andrew's
assertion in the announcement for the talk itself. So if you have a gripe, it
should be with them -- not me.

In any event, what do you think about the claim that TSS allows for a better
understanding of the contemporary global economy? Where's the evidence in
support of that claim? (This was asked by Rieu as well).

In solidarity, Jerry

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