[OPE-L:4775] redistribution of DOSPA: empirical evidence?

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 13:01:19 EST

Re  Gil's [OPE-L:4774]:

> No, I'm saying something much more specific:	that if it's legitimate to
> read Marx as indicating that DOSPA (differential ownership of scarce
> productive assets) is a necessary condition for capitalist exploitation--a
> point still being discussed--then it follows that sufficient redistribtion
> of productive assets would eliminate capitalist exploitation.  The issue
> here is what *Marx* argues is the systemic basis of capitalist
> exploitation, and what inferences might be drawn from that argument.

In Sweden they might say "Been there, tried that" in reference to the
Meidner Plan.

Among other issues, you haven't considered (yet) the *control* of "DOSPA" (in addition to ownership) and the nature of class rule vis-a-vis the state.

Doesn't the Swedish experience re the Meidner Plan suggest some practical problems with redistribution of  "DOSPA" and the modern version of "evolutionary socialism"?

In solidarity, Jerry

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