[OPE-L:4770] (no subject)

From: Stavros Mavroudeas (smavro@uom.gr)
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 07:33:25 EST

Dear comrades,
my univetsity's computer system had been hit by a version of the Navidad
virus and my PC got it. Thus it was send to the ope-l list. I want to
apologize for any problems caused. The virus can be removed manually
following the directions given in the following addresses:

and also

Also, today my computer center informed us that Microsoft warned about a new
extremely dangerous virus, appearing as an advertisement of the beer
Bundweiser, which destroys the hard disk.

Again apologies for any problems caused.


Stavros Mavroudeas

Assistant Professor
University of Macedonia
Dept. of Economics
156 Egnatia,
P.O.Box 1561
54006 Thessaloniki

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