[OPE-L:4764] Virus in Stavros's posts

From: cmgermer@sociais.ufpr.br
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 17:15:04 EST

Stavros's posts seem to have a virus attached - Emanuel.exe. I just received a 
post warning about this virus, which is supposed to be a variation of Navidad.


> Apologies for cross-posting
>                        CALL FOR PAPERS
>                        ===============
>     ===============================================================
>         Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manhattan, February 23-25th 2001
> Dear friend
> We invite you to the eighth mini-conference of the International Working
> Group on Value Theory (IWGVT), to be held as part of the Eastern Economic
> Association (EEA) conference. Papers relating to the conference aims which
> address the IWGVT's interests are welcome. A summary of these, and full
> instructions on paper submissions including our scholarship guidelines, is
> attached and can also be obtained from www.greenwich.ac.uk/~fa03/iwgvt/2001
> The 2001 conference will be substantially different in form
>    *The conference specifically invites contributions on the state
>     of the world economy.
>    *The conference actively encourages contributions which, though
>     dealing with questions in political economy, come from disciplines
>     formally outside of economics such as history, philosophy,
>     geography or sociology.
> To provide for in-depth analysis, contributors should address the
> conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues which underpin their work.
> Abstracts of individual papers are welcome from August 1st onwards. The
> final deadline for abstracts is December 1st. The final deadline for
> completed papers is February 1st
> To foster pluralistic and critical dialogue, papers should conform to IWGVT
> scholarship guidelines.
> To contact us
> =============
> For further information e-mail us at a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk, or consult
> our website at www.greenwich.ac.uk/~fa03/iwgvt, which also contains past
> papers.

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