[OPE-L:4720] Ricardo and Marx

From: Geert REUTEN (reuten@fee.uva.nl)
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 13:10:08 EST

re 4718
Rakesh, I *think* I agree with most of your post but have doubts about the
very begining when you write:

>Because Ricardo's categories of value are the expression--if one 
>sided--of concrete reality, namely the valorization process, they are 
>taken over by Marx in their basic principles and developed further. 
>However, at the same time he modifies them by complementing their 
>exclusively abstract value character with the material aspect, and 
>elaborates their dual character.

Ricardo describes a surplus labour process (naturalistic, material) -- even
if superfical -- rather than a valorization process. Marx complements
*this* material aspect with that of the abstract value-form (monetary).
("Complement" is a somewhat defective term since since the form dominates
the material content.)
[With Ricardo the phenomenon of money is unproblematically "collated" onto
his naturalism -- money does not really matter.]

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