[OPE-L:4717] Re: Ricardo and Marx

From: Geert REUTEN (reuten@fee.uva.nl)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 22:01:18 EST

At 12:44 18-12-00 +0000, Paul Cockshott wrote:
>Why should we be worried about Marx following on from Ricardo?
>The differences between them are relatively minor when compared to
>the differences between the two of them and most other economists.

Of course this depends on what you consider most important in Marx. If that
would be the awareness of value-form and its impact, the differences
between Ricardo and Marx are much greater than that between Marx and e.g.
>From that same perspective of value-form there is reason to be worried
precisely because  Marx *also* to considerable extent indeed followed
Ricardo. His break from Classical Political Economy was incomplete (which
inevitably is the fate of all "breakers").
Rounding this, even if Keynes, in contradistinction to Ricardo, was aware
of the value-form of capitalism, Ricardo and Keynes shared a committment to
capitalism. Because Keynes was aware of the VF his is a more subtle.

Geert Reuten

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