[OPE-L:4702] Re: Re: Re: Re: SV and the F of D

From: Rakesh Narpat Bhandari (rakeshb@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 18:47:12 EST

Re Gil's 4701

>This non sequitur misconceives what I am saying so utterly, so
>comprehensively, and in so monstrously a prejudicial fashion, that I don't
>know where to begin an answer. But the sense of the argument above is
>plain:  dare to suggest that even a portion of Marx's argument is logically
>suspect, and you are engaged in the sort of thinking that leads to the
>Holocaust.  Comments like this are hardly conducive to the open discussion
>that I thought this list was about.  Please disavow these remarks, Rakesh,
>or there is no point in continuing this exchange.
>In consternation,
>Gil Skillman

Gil, you do seem to acknowledge that I did not say or imply that you 
are an anti semite. You have your reasons and ways to combat it, I am 
sure. I think that you are missing the logical ordering in terms of 
which Marx treats the circuits of capital--industrial and then 
merchant and interest bearing. I think that understanding that the 
last two are now derivative of industrial capital does provide the 
most solid theoretical foundation ever constructed to do war on the 
socialism of fools (see Franz Neumann's comments in his Behemoth on 
the neo Prodhounism of Nazi ideology). And I do think ordinary 
misconceptions about the nature of exploitation and the nature of the 
various forms of capital did contribute horrifingly to the Holocaust; 
in fact these misconceptions were probably  more important than the 
so called racist German mind which Goldhagen invokes as his 
explanatorily fundamental variable.  So yes the theoretical stakes 
are high.

Yours, Rakesh

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