[OPE-L:4643] RE: Re:Imperialism

From: P.J.Wells@open.ac.uk
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 06:59:54 EST


I hadn't seen the Guardian's comment on Blair, so thanks for drawing
attention to this. The argument for this which you report seems sensible to

But I'm unconvinced by the idea that we are at the dawn of an age of
"peaceful" super-imperialism, even in the narrow sense of no wars between
imperialist powers.

While I agree that it's

a long step from such initial re-establishments of
protectorates to the possibility of inter-imperialist rivalries re-emerging.

I don't think it's long enough to rule it out -- clearly it wasn't so 100
years ago.

On the other hand, I'm fairly ignorant of this literature -- has anyone
argued that there is something inherent in the inter-relation of capitalism
as such with the state apparatuses which support that *rules out* (or at any
rate rules out given some specified set of conditions) the kind of conflict
you have in mind?

The argument that it is impossible per so would seem unsustainable given the
history of the 20th century, so putting this through does seem to depend on 

(a) identifying some contingent feature of the modern world economy that
inhibits conflict


(b) defeating the claims of those who claim that inter-imperialist conflict
is inevitable on theoretical grounds.


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