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From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 14:36:54 EST

Re Paul Bl's [OPE-L:4634]:

> Dear Jerry,
> Serves you right for trying to get me to speak.

Dear Paul:  I am quite happy  that I have succeeded in getting 
you to speak. 

> Marx did doubt ,  but  clearly not his own achievements. 
> (after all he  had finished with,  ie dealt
> with all the key questions,, as he said,  'all that shit' as he got
>  to  the  end of his life and turned to working on Asian/Turkish 
> material )

He may have thought that he had dealt with (at least in outline 
form) all of the key questions in _Capital_  (i.e. Book 1), 
but is there any indication that he thought he had "finished with" 
such topics as the state, foreign trade, and the world market and 
crisis?  There is also the question concerning the extent to which 
he  thought that he was "finished with" the subjects of 2 of the 3 
great social classes (landowners and wage-workers) ....

I think he was, additionally, quite well aware of some "gaps" in 
_Capital_ as well (e.g. in the missing chapter in the drafts for 
Volume 3 on constant fixed capital where Marx only wrote the title 
of the chapter, but Engels added some remarks following Marx's 

Furthermore, I think that there is every reason to believe that 
Marx's unending  and relentless criticism of all that existed 
extended to his own writings.  This, it seems to me, is a tradition 
that we should follow -- not only by questioning our own 
perspectives but those of Marx as well. 
> I'm
> orthodox because he convinces me, however much I pore over
> the stuff....  it
> coincides with my experience..

I understand your point,  but ... isn't "orthodoxy" a term that only 
has meaning in religion and theology?  As such, it would be a 
rather poor choice for a self-designation by Marxists, imo (even if 
many Marxists of the past, including Kautsky and Trotsky,used - if 
my memory is correct - that term).

> 30,000 words is not so short an article.

You lost me .... Did  someone write a 30,000 word article on the 
(comparative) methodology of Grossmann and Mattick?

In solidarity, Jerry

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