[OPE-L:4636] Re: Imperialism

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 14:10:05 EST

Re Paul C's [OPE-L:4631]:

 > It is however a long step from such initial re-establishments of
> protectorates to the possibility of inter-imperialist rivalries
> re-emerging.

When did inter-imperialist rivalries disappear?  Couldn't one 
argue that the relationship between Japanese and US capital 
could be said to constitute an inter-imperialist rivalry? Isn't the 
relation between the US and the European Union an 
inter-imperialist rivalry?  This would seem to me to be the case 
despite the proliferation of trans-national corporations and the 
existence of  the U.N. , NATO, and similar international 

It seems to me that while "regional trade associations" (e.g. in 
Europe and NA) have been on the rise in recent years,  this does 
not eliminate inter-imperialist rivalries. Perhaps it  would be 
better to say that they change the  form in which inter-imperialist 
rivalries manifest themselves.  Yet, these changing alliances 
among national capitals do not signify the end of rivalry.  So long 
as capital exists not only as simply unity but as difference and 
unity-in-difference (as reflected in the perseverence of 
nation-states), one would anticipate that these rivalries will 

But maybe the problem here is definitional: how are you defining 
imperialism now?

In solidarity, Jerry

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