[OPE-L:4581] reflections on prior publications

From: Jerry Levy (jerry_levy@usa.net)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 10:25:09 EST

Part of Paul Bullock's included the following:

> When I was very young, in the 70's, I contributed 2 articles to the 
> then newish Bulletin of the Conference of Socialist Economists. ... 
> (later Capital and Class). I  then wrote for ' Revolutionary 
> Communist ',  the then Theoretical Journal of the Revolutionary 
> Communist Group here in Britain... instead of submitting my PhD...... 
> also eg  an article for  a Japanese left journal on Racism in Britain.

None of us are very young anymore -- in fact, some listmembers probably
weren't even born when you wrote those _BCSE_ et. al. articles. With age
often comes new perspective (in some instances quite literally, as in the 
case of my reading glasses). I wonder therefore: what do you think of those
articles now?  If you were going to write again on those subjects now, what
(if any) significant revisions would there be?

While we're on this thread, does anyone else want to take this opportunity to
reflect on her/his prior publications? Has the passage of time changed any of
your perspectives on the content of prior publications? 

I would like to think that none of us are so old that we can't re-think and
challenge our prior conceptions .... 

In solidarity, Jerry

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