[OPE-L:4550] RE: Imperialism

From: Chai-on Lee (conlee@chonnam.ac.kr)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 20:44:53 EST

Paul raised a new topic. 

(1) Do list members consider that the structure of the contemporary world economy can still be analysed in the categories derived from Lenin's book on imperialism?

(2) Do they think that we have now entered the 'super imperialist' period in which co-operation between capitalist countries has replaced millitary competition.

(3) Do they think that the 21st century will be more peaceful than the last.

Chai-on replies to the above not to discontinue his issues:
(1) Yes, I think Marx's and Lenin's categories are still valid. Would you please indicate what aspects or points conflict with Marx's and Lenin's concepts and categories in the first place? 

(2) There is a constraint in the imperialists' rivalry. Nuclear weapons make the world peace inevitable. Small scale warfares in the third world, however, cannot be dispensed with. 'Super imperialism' is still an illusion.

(3) Internal or domestic feuds and strifes are more likely than international warfare. International peace will follow despite international intervention into domestic conflicts are intensified. But will the US have a justified excuse for the intervention?


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