[OPE-L:4513] Marxist economists

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 00:44:18 EST

Re Paul Z. 4510:

Alejandro in 4508 and 4509:

>>My concern is whether or not is possible to
>>get the scientific content of Marx's work in order to understand
>>capitalism. From the beginning it has been contended that it has no
>>scientific content at all because Marx's work is logically flawed.
>>Initially only bourgeois economists said that. Today, a great deal of
>>marxist economists (say, Howard & King!) agree with this, *uncritically*
>>accepting all the arguments put forward by the right.
>[Also, RE: 4509: "I only wanted to point out that the task is very 
>difficult and that marxist economist have made it even more difficult."]

Paul in 4510:

>I agree, as long as you are not holding EVERY "marxist economist"

Indeed! I don't hold that!! I'm referring to what is the most accepted
version of "Marxian economics" given by authors who follow uncritically the
tradition Bohm-Bawerk, Tugan and Bortkiewicz, transferred to the English
speaking world by Sweezy. More recent authors in this tradition are
Okishio, Morishima, Samuelson, and his popularizer, Steedman. They have set
the rules and issues of the discussion, creating the core of the
"inconsistency argument" which rules out Marx's theory from any real

*Some* of them have also created an sort of Stalinist atmosphera in which
whoever disagrees is automatically considered an "obscurantist", a
"dogmatic", a "fundamentalist" or, less poetically, an "idiot".

Of course, not all people working on Marx's critique of political economy
have this position but, unfortunately, in the last 30 years, those
individuals are who have given the tone to the discussion.

I'll take this oportunity to say that your own work as editor of a journal
has nothing to do with this attitude, maintaining, as far as I see, an open
and democratic position, giving space for investigations carried out from
different points of view. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about many

Alejandro Ramos

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