[OPE-L:4487] French students

From: Andrew Brown (andrew@lubs.leeds.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 07:48:19 EST

Dear all,

The leaders of the French economics student movement (Gilles 
Raveaud and Olivier Vaury) will be at the forthcoming 
conference at Leeds Universtity in roundtable discussion on 
the future of economics, along with Tony Lawson (they speak 
very highly of Tony's book).

All welcome to come along.


> The Fifth Postgraduate Economics Conference
>  Friday December 1st 2000
>  Venue: Leeds University Business School, UK
>  Organised with the support of:
>  Leeds University Business School
>  Leeds Metropolitan University Business School
>  Post Keynesian Economics Study Group
> This conference provides a unique opportunity for 
postgraduates to 
> come together to discuss their research, drawn from a 
range of 
> perspectives within economics. Students and academics 
alike are 
> invited to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences in 
> friendly environment.
> See web-site for full details and booking information
> http://www.leeds.ac.uk/cipp/pgc.htm
> This year's programme includes:
> Keynote address by:
> Professor Tony Thirlwall, University of Kent at 
Canterbury, on
> 'The Endogeneity of the Natural Rate of Growth' 
> A roundtable discussion  on 'The Future of Economics' 
> Speakers include: 
> Tony Lawson (University of Cambridge)  
> Gilles Raveaud and Olivier Vaury (France)  from  the Post- 
> Economics movement
> The main programme includes the following papers:
> 'Conditional Convergence and Cumulative Causation Models'  
> Mark Roberts  
> (University of Cambridge)
> 'Growth and Competition in a Model with Patent Races' 
> César Mattos  
> (Universidade de Brasília-Brazil; visiting student 
University of
> Oxford)
> 'The Employer of Last Resort Policy within the 
> Paradigm’ 
> Joëlle Leclaire  
> (University of Missouri at  Kansas City, USA )
> 'Industrial Production and Primary Commodity Prices: A 
> Analysis Approach’ 
> Robert Dunn  
> (Staffordshire University)
> 'Money demand, PPP, and macroeconomic dynamics in a small      
> developing economy' 
> José Sanchez-Fung  
> (University of Kent at Canterbury)
> 'The Role of Non-oil Minerals on  Saudi Economic Growth’ 
> A. Al-Attas 
> (University of Leeds) 
> Plus a poster session
> For further details see the web-site or contact Gary 
> ecogjrs@leeds.ac.uk

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