[OPE-L:4445] Re: Grossman and possible sand castles

From: Rakesh Narpat Bhandari (rakeshb@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 22:33:09 EST

re 4434
Thank you for your reply Paul Z.

>Without trying to be argumentative, what is your basis for believing that
>you are not building a sand castle?

the apparently stable and resilient bourgeois order is a sand castle. 
The ones who have understood theoretically why this is so are 
Grossman, Blake and Mattick Sr. Luxemburg's heroic theoretical effort 
failed.  Grossmann however drew the wrong political implications from 
this breakthrough reconstruction of Marx's work. Mattick avers this 
case in Anti Bolshevik Communism. I look forward to Rick Kuhn's work 
on the political trajectory of Grossman, but in all honesty, I 
understand him to have been rejected by  Stalinists and the Frankfurt 
School intellectuals alike. But Rick will tell the true story, I 

Comradely, Rakesh

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