[OPE-L:4399] Re: Technical change and general truths

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 10:46:54 EST

In [OPE-L:4394], Rakesh wrote:

> I call the above response to the transformation problem on the
> assumptions of equilibrium thinking the
> Shaikh-Gouverneur-Moseley-Bhandari solution. 
> It is of course possible that the first three would disavow the
> affiliation.

Have I missed something? Putting aside the question of the degree to which Shaikh's and Gouverneur's positions on the TP are similar to your own (on the later question, I found Alejandro R's remarks informative), why should the Bhandari solution be understood as being synonymous with the "Moseley solution" (I put this in quotes because I don't recall hearing Fred refer to his "solution")?

In solidarity, Jerry

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