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At 2:58 +0100 28-10-2000, Alejandro Ramos wrote:
>This is a survey aimed at choosing an alternative subtitle for a new
>academic edition of Das Kapital.
>Please, choose (A) or (B) and post your selection on this list.
>Corrections and additional options are welcome.
>A Treatise on Socio-Economic Geometry
>by Dr Karl Marx
>Former Mathematician of the University of Goldbach
>Including a method for modelling any self-replicating theoretical entity by
>means of high-school linear algebra. (Demonstrations not provided because
>having been the author a personal enemy of Profs. Perron and Frobenius
>never read their articles.)
>Including also quasi-illegible drafts on what might be some insights on
>non-linear theoretical entities for future development by Socio-Economic
>Particularly readable however is Ch. 7, part 1, composed of 9 conjectures,
>3 lemmas and 1 theorem that, although the author was unable to demonstrate,
>some scholars consider to be an obscure forerunner of the Political Economy
>of Wild Beehives.
>Edited by Herr F. Engels, Accountant, Astrologer and Arab/Spanish translator.
>Hamburg, 1894.
>[Reprint: Yellow Logarithm Publishers, Mahogany Press, Belize City, 2001.]
>Dr Karl Marx's Report on his visit to the cities of Manchester, London, and
>other British towns and places over the years 1849-1883.
>Being a description of the *living things* he found such as "commodities",
>"money" and "capital", the fetishistic rituals performed by natives of
>those recently discovered wild islands regarding their labor time, and the
>possible laws of motion of such living things.
>Being also a comment on the way further historic-anthropological research
>on socio-human organisms of production and distribution could be carried
>out by scholars.
>Edited by F. Engels, Cotton Factory Manager in Manchester.
>Hamburg, 1894.
>[Reprint: Yellow Logarithm Publishers, Mahogany Press, Belize City, 2001.]

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