[OPE-L:4336] Survey

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 21:58:56 EDT


This is a survey aimed at choosing an alternative subtitle for a new
academic edition of Das Kapital.

Please, choose (A) or (B) and post your selection on this list.

Corrections and additional options are welcome.

A Treatise on Socio-Economic Geometry
by Dr Karl Marx
Former Mathematician of the University of Goldbach

Including a method for modelling any self-replicating theoretical entity by
means of high-school linear algebra. (Demonstrations not provided because
having been the author a personal enemy of Profs. Perron and Frobenius
never read their articles.)

Including also quasi-illegible drafts on what might be some insights on
non-linear theoretical entities for future development by Socio-Economic

Particularly readable however is Ch. 7, part 1, composed of 9 conjectures,
3 lemmas and 1 theorem that, although the author was unable to demonstrate,
some scholars consider to be an obscure forerunner of the Political Economy
of Wild Beehives.

Edited by Herr F. Engels, Accountant, Astrologer and Arab/Spanish translator.

Hamburg, 1894.

[Reprint: Yellow Logarithm Publishers, Mahogany Press, Belize City, 2001.]

Dr Karl Marx's Report on his visit to the cities of Manchester, London, and
other British towns and places over the years 1849-1883.

Being a description of the *living things* he found such as "commodities",
"money" and "capital", the fetishistic rituals performed by natives of
those recently discovered wild islands regarding their labor time, and the
possible laws of motion of such living things.

Being also a comment on the way further historic-anthropological research
on socio-human organisms of production and distribution could be carried
out by scholars.

Edited by F. Engels, Cotton Factory Manager in Manchester.

Hamburg, 1894.

[Reprint: Yellow Logarithm Publishers, Mahogany Press, Belize City, 2001.]

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