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From: Rakesh Narpat Bhandari (rakeshb@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 02:42:54 EDT

re alejandro's 4316

>>Re Rakesh 4292
>>  >Colletti argues for a comparison of Marx's critique of Hegel with
>>  >Aristotle's of Plato.

somewhere In his Penguin introduction to Marx's early writings, but I 
think he has in mind an aristotlean influence quite different from 
what I have in mind. I always look forward to anything Riccardo has 
to say about colletti and napoleoni.

I  haven't convinced myself yet that Marx was not influenced in 
important ways by Aristotle's theory of explanation or his theory of 
causes especially as developed in a's biological and psychological 
work (mattick jr was fully unconvinced in a private exchange).

Ricardo pays no attention to the form of the commodity...the 
actualisation of value in ex-change..I am probably barking up the 
wrong tree.

>>An excellent reading of Marx as, to draw again from Mattick Jr, the
>>author of perhaps the best thick description ever written of
>>bourgeois society.

Well this is the general argument of Mattick Jr in his book Social 
Knowledge (ME Sharpe, 1986). One of my favorite ideas is the 
importance of studying how absurd and contradictory conceptual 
schemes are yet crucial to the reproduction of forms of social life 
(i tend to think of race discourse that way in the US)...I think the 
reference to Geertz's idea of thick description comes from Mattick 
Jr's review of Maurice Bloch's intro to Marxist Anthropology in 
Studies in Soviet Thought sometime around 1984?  ? I also recommend 
Mattick Jr's "Theory as Critique" in the book on Marx's method 
recently edited by Fred and Martha Campbell.

>In a post I deleted, you suggested that had Tugan survived after 1919 he
>had experienced 1929 and the refutation of his theory. Did you write that?
>It seemed to me as his theory considered that crises were impossible.

Yes, so it would have been nice if he had lived through the 
falsification of his theory. I was just quoting (i think)  Blake's 
quip on Tugan....You have the textbook, don't you? Under the title 
though An American Looks At Karl Marx, right?

all the best, r

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