[OPE-L:4316] Steve on the worthlessness of labor as the source of surplus value

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 23:50:16 EDT

Re Rakesh 4292

>Colletti argues for a comparison of Marx's critique of Hegel with 
>Aristotle's of Plato.


>An excellent reading of Marx as, to draw again from Mattick Jr, the 
>author of perhaps the best thick description ever written of 
>bourgeois society.


>Yes. Marx's analysis of the 3 peculiarities of the value form is just 
>this:  an acute, brilliantly ironic analysis of the bizareness of the 
>way we go about measuring and allocating our social labor time. It 
>has to be understood as you suggest in the context of anthropological 
>comparison. Not all societies have had such wierd practices.

That "anthropological comparison" is at the end of Ch. 1, although it's
certainly historically poor. There is a reference to Mommsen regarding Rome
in which, I think, Marx says that Mommsen believes that in Rome there was
capitalism, except that there were no capitalists and workers! I don't
remember where it is but I'm wondering what would have written Marx about
Dmitriev "demonstration" that in a non human economy (a wild beehive) there
is "industrial profit"! I have met some people (Marxists) who say that this
is a definitive proof that capitalism is possible without capitalists and


In a post I deleted, you suggested that had Tugan survived after 1919 he
had experienced 1929 and the refutation of his theory. Did you write that?
It seemed to me as his theory considered that crises were impossible.

Alejandro Ramos

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