[OPE-L:4254] Seve on the worthlessness of

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 03:55:25 EDT

A correction to my preceding post:

I wrote:

"However, it's quite possible that you think that they are THE
formalization of Marx's values and, then, when you seek to devise a thought
experiment aimed at rejecting "the relevance of labor value", you are
looking to, say, "reform" *what you think* is Marx's theory. The purpose
would be to take out such "cumbersome epicycles". If I'm not
misinterpreting you, I'd say that those "Morishima-like labor values" are
Marx's values."

I meant: "...those "Morishima-like labor values" are NOT Marx's values."

Alejandro Ramos

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