[OPE-L:4236] RE: Re: Re: Part II of Volume 3 of Capital

From: Paul Cockshott (paul@cockshott.com)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 06:20:47 EDT

>The temporalist arguements seem to me to involve finding special
>cases where extended reproduction will cause Marx's transformation
>technique to give the right answer.

No the temporalist approach obviously involves exactly those cases 
which are  typical of capitalist development. Remember Allin's simple 
reproduction scheme, reconfigured to allow for exactly a 
characteristic interperiodic increase in productivity. Such a system 
can be shown to exhibit exactly the small, if not statistically 
insignificant, interperiodic changes in unit prices of production, r, 
s/v that are typical of capitalist reality. This is a realistic time 
path for the system.

Paul C:
I may be misjudging the temporalists but what I have seen from them
is a series of particular arithmetic examples which transform values
to prices preserving total value and total sv and an equal rate of

I have not seen either a general algebraic demonstration that if one
takes time into account this will always be the case, nor have I
seen any studies which use monte-carlo techniques to sample the 
possible parameter space and determine how 'typical' such examples
are. Nor have I seen published empirical time series involving 
I/O tables over several years to determine whether the temporalists
examples are typical.

If any of these types of studies do exist in the literature could
you please send me a reference.


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