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From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 11:41:02 EDT

In [OPE-L:4170], Steve K wrote:
> But as a parting aside, how about some "progressive" discussion on > this list folks? When was there last a discussion here on something > which is actually happening in the real world--such as, for 
> example, the chaos on america's financial markets? 

We've had those kind of discussions before on this list and I trust we will have them again, Steve. 

What's your explanation for the volatility on the US stock markets? Why hasn't the US already go into a financial crisis -- as Fred, and Alejandro VB, and you suggested last year (if I recall correctly)?

> Isn't that the  sort of thing a progressive
> science should be analysing--rather than forever trying to solve--or
> dismiss--the transformation problem?

I would say that it is *one* of the questions that progressive economists should be addressing today. 

As for the quantity of discussion about more abstract subjects, like the TP, on this list, I think this is attributable to a number of reasons. A couple of those reasons include the current research interests of many of our subscribers and the lack of alternative locations on the Net to have meaningful and extended discussions on those subjects. I don't think that anyone on the list, though, would say that we should *just* discuss abstract, theoretical questions.

Thus, if you think we should be discussing more concrete questions now, then perhaps you can take the lead in initiating some of those threads?

In solidarity, Jerry

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