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From: riccardo bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 10:59:13 EDT

At 14:45 +0100 18-10-2000, Alejandro Ramos wrote:
>Re Riccardo # 4139:
>Riccardo: Thanks for your reply.
>"I guess that "militant simultaneist" may be interpreted here as a
>pro-Sraffian Marxist. May I suggest that there may be "simultaneists" who
>are not Sraffian?"
>Sure! There are "simultaneists" who are not Sraffians. The question is, are
>there Sraffians (excluding Sraffa himself, given App. B) who are not

I guess the short answer is: no.
>>I met Bruna Ingrao a few years ago. My impression was that she is not
>>interested in these debates anymore.
>Is she teaching somewhere in Italy? At least for the title of the book
>Rakesh mentions, she's interested in the question of "equilibrium".
As far as I know, she is Associate Professor in Rome. The book is a very
interesting criticism of the neoclassical notion of equilibrium. Israel at
the time was her husband. Bruna is the daughter of a very old, and very
important, leader of the Communist Party after the II World War (he was the
referent for the internal left, but he never broke with the party). After
the dissolution of the PCI, he didn't entered in the Refounded Communists,
but he is left of the DS (the old communists turned moderate). When I met
Bruna, I realised that she was not definitely 'left', as I supposed (she
voted at the time for the Repubblican Party. She should be in the same
Department with Roncaglia and Marcuzzo.
>P.S. I saw on the news that Torino is flooded. Are you OK??

yes. I even succeded in going into my University, which is in Bergamo (173
km away), leaving Turin on sunday noon before the flood blocked all the
highways, and I came back today, when the situation is calm again. But I
had to travel on a much longer route (250 km), and this will happen for at
least a month - the direct highway Torino-Milano is broken, and need
reparation. I do not live near the river Po, so my area is safe, and anyway
the flood is at present approaching Venice, but the rain stopped and it
seems there will be no dramatic new problems in Italy's North-East. The
only problem at my house is that water is rationed (but, you know, I have
Sicilian parents, and this is normal there!). There are areas which have
been hit very hard. In all the North-West of Italy there have been about 20


P.S.: BTW, since you read italian, you may find interesting this site:

P.S.2: some time ago, before summer, I eventually had news of the book on
Tugan you searched, and wrote to you, but the message came back. Are you
still interested?

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