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I have been unable to cure the 'reply to' problem. Steve's brief 
respone forwarded below.

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Popper's theory of how a science does develop and should practice has been
rejected since Kuhn. But his litmus test remains a point of agreement.

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>You wrote [OPE-L:4154]:
>> science has moved on a long way from Popper, his litmus test between a
>> science and a non-science--that the former makes statements which can be
>> falsified, whereas the latter makes it impossible to either verify or
>> disconfirm itself--is still accepted.
>By whom? As I understand it (I'm no expert) it is not accepted, as 
>a general rule, by current 'philosophers of science' (it hasn't been 
>since Feyerabend), nor therefore by current 'economic 
>methodologists' (who tend to be some years behind the philospohy 
>of science discipline). Far from it, the current vogue is a 'return to 
>practice' which means rejecting the 'prescriptivism' typified by 
>Popper and (lamely) *describing* what scientists actually do.
>I certainly don't agree with Popper's 'litmus test'. I don't think Marx 
>did in the slightest (nor do I agree with the current 'philosophy of 
>science' - obvioulsy Marx doesn't). However, I'm not really sure 
>where people on this list stand on the 'litmus test'. Fred stated 
>agreement with Gil on this I think. It is an important question 
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