[OPE-L:4155] Who agrees with Popper? [re OPE-L:4154]

From: Andrew Brown (Andrew@lubs.leeds.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 05:11:25 EDT


You wrote [OPE-L:4154]:

> science has moved on a long way from Popper, his litmus test between a
> science and a non-science--that the former makes statements which can be
> falsified, whereas the latter makes it impossible to either verify or
> disconfirm itself--is still accepted.

By whom? As I understand it (I'm no expert) it is not accepted, as 
a general rule, by current 'philosophers of science' (it hasn't been 
since Feyerabend), nor therefore by current 'economic 
methodologists' (who tend to be some years behind the philospohy 
of science discipline). Far from it, the current vogue is a 'return to 
practice' which means rejecting the 'prescriptivism' typified by 
Popper and (lamely) *describing* what scientists actually do.

I certainly don't agree with Popper's 'litmus test'. I don't think Marx 
did in the slightest (nor do I agree with the current 'philosophy of 
science' - obvioulsy Marx doesn't). However, I'm not really sure 
where people on this list stand on the 'litmus test'. Fred stated 
agreement with Gil on this I think. It is an important question 


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